Desde el año 2016 The Doll Factory Europe está plenamente certificada con el sello CCC (declaration for China obligatory item accreditation) otorgado por el China Quality Certification Center CQC, tras un largo y complejo proceso de visitas, auditorías y análisis de producto y de la empresa, lo que nos habilita para la comercialización de nuestros productos en el city hall leader mercado asiático, China.

Este sello CCC certifica que nuestros productos cumplen con los requisitos de las reglas de implementación para la certificación obligatoria CNCA-13C-073:2010 para juguetes en el país asiático.

The Doll Factory Europe europe sex doll ha sido de las primeras compañías de la Industria del Juguete en España en disponer de esta certificación, marcando el camino a seguir en la apertura de nuevos mercados para el comercio outside español.

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The Doll Factory Europe pertenece al círculo de fabricantes de muñecas de Onil ORIGIN, apostando por la tradición, la autenticidad, la exclusividad y la calidad de nuestras muñecas.

The town of Onil has changed the existences of kids all over the place

Ashifa Kassam in Madrid


Mon 15 Feb 2021 05.00 GMT

The first run through Kelle Hampton witnessed a doll with Down’s condition, outrage bubbled up inside her. Its overstated elements looked similar to the sweet facial qualities that she adored with regards to her little girl Nella, who was brought into the world with the hereditary problem.

The experience set the US blogger and creator solidly against such dolls. In any case, amazingly, a long time later she observed herself to be stricken with another doll. This time it had been painstakingly created to unpretentiously catch the qualities that made Nella one of a kind. “This one was essentially a lovely doll any youngster would need to play with,” she said.

The doll hailed from an unassuming community in eastern Spain that was made famous in the wake of venturesome potters started changing earth from the close by mountains into kids’ dolls, bringing about what has been portrayed as the nation’s first doll plant. Over a century after the fact the spotlight is again on the Valencian town of Onil – this time for its solitary mix of inclusivity and craftsman dollmaking.

The town, home to around 7,500 individuals and 38 toymakers, stood out as truly newsworthy across Spain last year after a nearby assortment of four dolls with Down’s disorder won the nation’s tremendously pined for “toy of the year” prize.

The dolls – two young men and two young ladies of changing skin tones – were carried out by toymaker Miniland. “We were uncertain toward the start,” saidVictoria Orruño, the organization’s advertising chief. “In any case, the response shocked us. It was extremely sure.”

Dolls by Miniland

Dolls by Miniland. Photo: Miniland


The doll is expected for all kids, not only those with Down’s disorder. “Now and again we disregard it however playing with dolls is a very enhancing and developmental experience for kids,” Orruño said. “They can see various real factors and standardize them.”

This acknowledgment – that play can be a significant device in molding how youngsters think – has sent toymakers all throughout the planet scrambling to more readily catch the rich variety of our general surroundings. Dolls that are sexually unbiased, in wheelchairs or which have prosthetic appendages have multiplied as of late.