SM6 9DL – Wallington – £30,000

Nine neighbors in Wallington are commending this end of the week as their postcode, SM6 9DL, has won our Sunday Street Prize. Eight of the inhabitants landed £30,000 each, while the 10th multiplied their prize to £60,000 on account of playing with two tickets.

Totally Speechless


One of our fortunate champs was Toni, who got a call from our group to enlighten her concerning her £30,000 prize. She said, “Every one of my companions realize I like to talk, and I was totally dumbfounded. I’ve never had a call like it in my life.”



Toni worked in a bank for more than 42 years prior to resigning in 2015. The liberal hearted lottery victor is definitely more used to gathering pledges cash for admirable missions than winning cash. Around the same time she scooped £30,000, Toni is running 5km to gather pledges for Cancer Research UK. She said, “I’m doing Race for Life today – I’ve raised about £110 up until this point. I like giving to things and doing things like this to help good cause. There was a Race for Life occasion last Sunday, yet I was unable to participate as I was giving blood.”

With an unassuming giggle Toni added, “I’m a decent individual, I’ve arrived at the 100 blood gifts achievement, I make an honest effort to give blood as frequently as could really be expected.”

The retired person intends to give a portion of her bonus to her godchildren. She said, “I have four godchildren so I’d give some cash to them, every one of them has groups of their own, so they can do what they need with it, for their children.”

Dream Holidays

Toni has delighted in going with her companions in her retirement and desires to take an occasion to a portion of the spots she has longed for visiting. She said, “I’d love to go to New Zealand – I love Lord of the Rings and I’d love to see where it was shot. I’ve likewise never been to Northern Ireland, and subsequent to watching a couple of series of Game of Thrones the landscape looks awesome.”

The primary thing on Toni’s list of things to get, however, is another couch. She said, “I do require another three-piece suite for my parlor on the grounds that my couch has broken.”

Toni was charmed that eight of her neighbors had likewise won. She said, “It’s just a little parkway that we live on and I was pondering who else played the Postcode Lottery. I’m totally chuffed for them.”