Present day kitchens

are The expression “present day kitchens” basically incorporates perfectionist and moderate kitchens.

Puristic and moderate means diminishing to the basic necessities. Present day kitchens are consistently contemporary, however never transient patterns. Numerous cutting edge kitchens with a modern look are right now being arranged and made. Hot-moved tempered steel, dark steel or ceramics are utilized for the worktops. Woods like oak, pecan or debris are utilized. In an energetic, rural plan with breaks and bunches – indeed, additionally somewhat savage.

These kitchens are not just introduced in modern lofts, they are additionally finding their direction into old condos or exemplary new structures.

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Present day Küchenbau with a useful inside

Kitchen sink in a cutting edge kitchen

A cutting edge kitchen in brown and white

Present day earthy colored kitchen

White kitchens

are an example of overcoming adversity. Since a white kitchen will apparently outlive some other shading will in any case be appropriate for quite a long time to come. White represents newness, tidiness, splendor and virginity – and causes a kitchen to show up new and new. Simultaneously, white is an exceptionally honorable shading. However, white isn’t generally white – we would be glad to show you the extraordinary universe of astuteness.

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Current white kitchen

Kitchen knows

Kitchen cabinet white

Current white kitchen

Dark kitchens

are the non-in addition to ultra of the contemporary kitchen – gave the kitchen front is matt or dull matt.

Dark additionally stands up for itself in any remaining kitchen parts: ledges,

back dividers, apparatuses and sinks, even taps are currently accessible in dark. Dark handles and handle strips are additionally accessible.

Assuming you need «back to black», we’ll take you there.

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Dark kitchen

Dark kitchen

Dark kitchen Küchenbauer

Griddle in dark kitchen

Wooden kitchens

are valid regular ponders and are on the ascent once more. They are not just sought after in the chalet or old fashioned farmhouse parlor, the basic normal stylish has additionally caught metropolitan hearts.

The glow, effortlessness and supportability of the component wood are profoundly esteemed, particularly in digitalized regular day to day existence.

A wooden kitchen is alive and takes you in a flash into a loosening up feel-great climate, all that is missing is the tweeting of birds.

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Wooden kitchen

Food processor red

Wooden kitchen

Current wood kitchen

Commonsense internal operations

It resembles with people: the genuine person of a kitchen is possibly uncovered when the entryways and drawers are opened.

Kitchens demonstrate their actual size; their coarse regions, fine constructions, dividers, stockpiling, embeds and shrewd corner arrangements are planned so that the space is ideally utilized. To guarantee that each handle is set up some other time when cooking, it merits giving as much consideration to the inside as the kitchen front when arranging the kitchen.

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Kitchen cabinet

Kitchen with open entryways and inside

Kitchen garbage bin framework

Kitchen garbage bin framework

Cabinet configurator kitchen

Current kitchens in the display area


Obviously, we are likewise there for you after your new kitchen has been introduced. If something different rings a bell – call us, we’ll keep our ears and pencils sharp.

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