Proceed with the visit to Elsentasarkhai. Elsentasarkai a marvelous spot includes the Gobi desert, mountain steppes, green-shored waterways, and a high mountain. Appreciate climbing over the sand ridges. Today, you will encounter the traveling life and ride ponies and camels while remaining with the wanderers.

Convenience: Extra ger of a migrant family
Suppers: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Erdenezuu Monastery Mongolia
Day 11: Return to Ulaanbaatar go to social execution and do shopping Mongolia tours

The lake and its encompassing region are immaculate and bring a lot to the table for its visitors. and unwind later long driving or have some discretionary exercises of climbing, bird watching, climb a mountain, blossom watching, and so on Engine sailing and kayaking are accessible at the foundation of extra installment.

Convenience: Ger camp
Suppers: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Mongolia Khuvsgul Lake
Day 5: Participate in the nearby Naadam celebration
The initial function of the neighborhood Naadam Festival begins between 10-11 AM. Today, we will drive 8 km to participate in the Naadam Festival will be held near a little town Hatgal on the western shore of Khuvsgul Lake. See the headliners of the celebration, for example, horse racing, wrestling, and arrow based weaponry separated from seeing the initial function, how Mongolians commend their celebration wearing their best conventional garments and riding their most pleasant ponies. You can even test yourself taking an interest in wrestling, toxophilism, and different games assuming you wish. We additionally see the Naadam business and taste the Naadam principle dish “Huushuur”

Convenience: Ger camp
Suppers: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Mongolia Naadam Festival grapplers
Day 6: Visit Reindeer individuals, horse riding and see the end function of the celebration
The reindeer individuals breed reindeer not just for their horns likewise for milk, meat, stow away, ride and restorative purposes. They live in hovels covered with material or creature skins even in the virus winter. The distance of the Taiga backwoods makes their life totally subject to nature.

They know well how to involve spices and plants for dinners and therapeutic purposes. Just as, most popular Shamans are among them. The reindeer family we visit today is a portrayal of the reindeer individuals moved from the profundities of Taiga close to the lake. In the wake of visiting the reindeer individuals, 2-3 hours horseback riding. In the early evening, drive to the Naadam field to see the end function of the celebration, Naadam advocate, and prize granting.